Sometimes life gives you reasons why feeling worthless is the right thing to do...

...but don't believe it, you should never feel that way and here is why.

I know this feeling worthless thing all too well. Unfortunately many people do. It's the reason why some people find it hard to get up some mornings. It's crucial to one's self esteem to understand that feeling worthless is a lie.

Before we can work on this feeling let's take a look at some reasons why many of us feel this way.

The Media

We are bombarded with images from the minute we wake till the minute we fall asleep. And sometimes we dream about those images, so it does not stop with sleep.

We are told who we should be, what we should wear and how we should think. You see it in commercials, television shows, movies, magazines and newspaper ads.

Don't get me wrong I love watching some shows. They provide a good escape when you need it. But I often times get knocked back to reality, when I realize what I am seeing. For women it is often worse. It is portrayed that if you are not as skinny as a twig you are not beautiful.

Fitness is huge in terms of self esteem, but some of these images are just not attainable and leaves us feeling worthless. Men have it bad too, when it comes to body images. If you don't have the perfect body, you are left to feel like you are not good enough.

Anorexia is very real to men as it is to women, but we will discuss that in another article.

We see what we are supposed to look like everywhere. It's hard to combat such relentless imagery. Our body image is affected by these images more than we know.

Our Economy

Another biggie is career and money. It seems if you are not making 50 million dollars a year you are not successful. Our world's current economy is based on money, so it is understandable why this mindset exists. We all would like more money so we and our families can be more comfortable.

(This one I struggled with for years and in some ways still do.)

Money unfortunately is the cause of all the poverty in the world. I have my own views on our current economy, but we will save that discussion for another time.

"Money isn't everything, but not having it is," unfortunately.

In our society, the more money you have the happier your life is supposed to be.

How We Deal With These Feelings

To combat these horrible images that we are confronted with everyday, we must understand why they are there and who made them.

Take commercial images for example, like on television, print and internet ads. These multimillion dollar corporations are the ones putting together campaigns because based on their research this is what they think we want to see in order to buy their products.

Feeling worthless because you want to be like the fake contrived airbrushed images is not worth your time and energy. We are who we are. Remember you are beautiful. These companies just want you to feel bad about yourself so you buy their crap that you don't even need. Love yourself!! :)
Be with people that accept you for who you are. Getting positive reinforcement from real people that you actually like can be very powerful.

I am such a big supporter of having positive people in your life. It makes such a difference. Imagine how hard it would be to try to be positive and love yourself with people all around you being negative.

Please get rid of negative influences in your your life. They can really amplify you feeling worthless.

Block out the nonsense from the outside and get in touch with who you really are. You are a star, you are beautiful and unique. Remember how lucky you are to even be reading this.

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