Learn About Self Appreciation...

...and appreciate yourself more.

Self appreciation is so important to a healthy, happy state of mind. If you don't appreciate and love yourself no one else can. If you are here that means you want to appreciate yourself more.

So let's work on that.

First, let's take a look at what can cause people to have low self appreciation and look at solutions at the same time.

Being around people that are negative.

The company you keep is extremely important. Negative people be they your friends, family or coworkers can put a dark tint on your life.

Family can really affect your self appreciation. Family you are stuck with, I understand that, but you can limit your time with them if it is really bad. Spend more time with people that make you happy.

If you are stuck in the house, do things that make you happy. If you like to draw, draw or learn how to. Plenty of learning materials are out there. You can buy them or search youtube for instructional videos.

Maybe you want learn to play an instrument. Same thing here, there are plenty of free and paid instructions about instruments.

Don't worry about buying pricey new instruments. Check out craigslist, plenty of cheap and free stuff on there.

Video Games are a great way to be positive.

WARNING, video games are not a replacement for the real world. I had to stop playing a very popular online video game because I feared it was becoming too addictive.

Some video games can be highly addictive. I use video games to clear my head. It allowed me to escape the stress real world for awhile.

The satisfaction of beating that last level or the way bejeweled can just clear your mind is outstanding. Climbing the leader board of your favorite console game can do wonders for your self esteem.

I personally like angry birds myself :)

Join a casual sport team

If you can go out, join one or two casual sport teams. Those can be really fun and be great confidence building activities.

Beware of those teams though that are really "hardcore" if you are doing it just for fun. They can get really intense and steal the fun out of it.

I joined my office basketball league and enjoyed it very much(till I rolled my ankle).

The friends you keep

Do you have friends that are really fun and you like spending time with them? Then invite them over more or hang out at their place more. Join an activity that they are already involved in.

Speaking of friends.. If they are the source of negative energy in your life, dump em, fast! they can cause your level of self appreciation to plummet.

I know what you are thinking, "easier said than done, pal!" But it really isn't.

First, having negative people as friends can really hold you back.

Next time you are hanging out, if they do any or all of these things, alarms should be going off:

  • Always concentrate on the negative... Speaking down about other people, themselves and you?

  • Every time you have an idea to better yourself, they shoot you down? Telling you the reasons you can't, instead of motivating you.

  • Just have a bad attitude in general, always cranky, always complaining, "the world owes them" kind of attitude.

  • Puts you down, even though they claim they are joking. If a "friend" is always putting you down, they are not your friend.

It took me a long time to realize, that just because I have been friends with someone for a long time, it does not mean they should be my friends now. People change and so do you.

Friends are like the seasons they come and go. You will always make new friends.

Have you ever heard the saying, "show me your friends and I'll show you the man"? Well if you have negative friends so are you.

Negative coworkers

Negative coworkers are hard to deal with, because you have to deal with them to get paid.

But if you are friends with them outside of work, start pulling away, because they could be affecting how your bosses see you too. To deal with negative coworkers, you have to make a distinction between your non work-life and your work-life.


...because it makes it easier to separate yourself from the negative people there.

If they ask you out after work say you have other things to do. You have to really look at who you are spending you time with. They could be a major reason why you feel the way you do about yourself.

Self Appreciation boosting tip:

"Self Appreciation Win List"

Here is what you do.

Every morning when you get a chance, write down your wins from the night before and that morning. Give yourself credit for the little things. Think of things that you did that are good for you, no matter how small.

For instance...

You wake up on time for work, call that a win. You helped someone carry the groceries, call that a win. You call your mom to see how she was doing, call that win.

These are all positive things that you are doing, that better your life or someone else's. But you don't take credit for the little good things you do. Start to. Start tomorrow. Start now.

Write down some wins for today.

Trust me it works. It was taught to me by a very well known, awesome therapist. It will do wonders for your self appreciation.

Soon you will start to appreciate yourself, because you start to see that you do things that matter.

You see that you matter.

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