30 Fitness Tips For The Body You Want...

And deserve....

Following certain fitness tips can really take you work regiment to the next level.

  1. Increase Your Speed - Take faster steps when you are running or walking. Don't make you steps longer. Make you foot land directly under your body not in front.
  2. Do Abs Everyday - Your abs are one of the only muscles that you can work everyday. A strong core supports everything else.
  3. Rest When You are Sick - Give yourself a rest when you are not feeling well. You will feel better faster.
  4. Don't Strain Your Neck - Don't pull on your neck when you are doing crunches.
  5. Exhale Hard - Exhale hard at the top of your crunches. It makes your abs work harder
  6. Get The Right Shoes - Buy your shoes late in the day when they are slightly swollen. There should be about a half an inch in front of your big toe.
  7. Keep A Record - Keep a record of your routines and test your max every 3-4 weeks. You will be motivated when you see yourself improving.
  8. Work The Calves - Do a combination of both standing and seated calf raises. This is a simple fitness tip but very effective.
  9. Keep Going - When your brain is giving you excuses to not exercise like, "your too busy" or "you don't feel up to you", Do it anyway. Even if it is only for 10-15 minutes do something. You will feel better that you did something.
  10. Maximize Your Curls - At the peak of your curls bend your wrist in and at the bottom bend your wrist away from your body.

  11. Fitness Tips continued...

  12. Stretch More - Take a 20 second stretch after every set. Stretch the muscle you just worked.
  13. Give Your Body Reduced Regiment Weeks - Once every five to six weeks, do half your regular workouts for a week or so. This will help your body recover over the long haul.
  14. Less Time In The Gym - Rest less in the beginning of the workout and more at the end when your muscles are more fatigued. You will reduce your work out time.
  15. Extra Abs Workouts - Suck your belly button into your spine and hold it for ten secs at a time when you are not doing abs.
  16. Strong Dips - Hold your elbow close to your body when you do dips to work on your triceps.
  17. Better Chin ups - Imagine that you are pulling your elbows down when you do pull ups.
  18. Benching trick - When you bench look at your right hand if you are right handed and your left if you are left-handed. They will seem easier.
  19. Low Fat Milk - Drink low fat milk to get more calcium and less fat. Cutting the fat is an important fitness tip.
  20. Lift Lighter Weights - When you lift lighter weights more rapidly, you build more strength quickly.
  21. Beat That Hill - When you run up a hill focus on the top by lifting your head and eyes up. Same applies when you are on an incline on the treadmill.

  22. Lets keep going with the fitness tips...

  23. Set Goals and Reach Them - Write down fitness goals, keep up with them.
  24. Run Shorter Distances - Run faster for shorter distances. You will perform better and help your injuries heal.
  25. Reverse Lunges - Doing more reverse lunges help you get better leg strength.
  26. Stretch The Calves - Lay down on your stomach on your bed and let you legs hang off the edge. This is nice way to stretch your calf.
  27. Drink Protein After Your Workout - Try to drink a protein shake as you finish your workout. You gain more muscle if you drink protein within five minutes of your work out.
  28. Stay Active - If you can't do anything at all, try to fit 20 minutes of aerobic or weight-training sessions a week.
  29. Crunches Don't Burn Fat It takes 250,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat.
  30. Make Your Back and Abs Equally Strong - Do the same amount of abs exercises as back exercises.
  31. Replace Your Running Shoes - If you run a lot replace your running shoes often. Some of us have the same running shoes for years. It will help your knees if you keep them fresh.
  32. Do Abs First - Do Your ab exercises first if you have weak abs.

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