Know the Low Self Esteem Signs

Knowing the low self esteem signs are extremely important in developing a healthy one. Knowledge is key and when you know what to look for, you will be a powerhouse in your self esteem journey.

You know exactly what to work on Also it will be easier to deal with the underlining issues that spawn these hurtful feelings and behaviors.

  • Heavy self criticism: that keeps you in a mental state of not being satisfied with yourself.
  • Being indecisive: from a fear of making a mistake.
  • Being overly defensive: being generally pessimistic about everything in life and about yourself and a lack of wanting to enjoy life.
  • Being really sensitive to criticism: which makes you feel easily attacked.
  • Always wanting to please: unwilling to say "no", out of fear of not pleasing someone.
  • Being a Perfectionist: demanding that you do everything perfectly.
  • Constant guilt: thinking that everything you do is the worst thing imaginable and when you do make mistakes you never forgive yourself.
  • Hostility and irritability: you are always on the verge of blowing up even for the smallest things.

If any of these signs ring a bell then maybe your self esteem is low. But don't panic, there is a simple explanation for this. It is time to take your life back.

Learning that you have low self esteem is a life changing event. For the first time you know that you can live a happier healthier life. worry at all, this is why you are here right?

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