Pessimism Clouding Your Outlook on Life?

...stop the pessimism and see the good all around you. It will work wonders for your self esteem.

It's all in how you see it. I myself at times would look at situations from a pessimistic point of view, Until I learned how to "reframe" situations and that I can't always trust my brain. I would usually stick with the negative.

The brain is fantastic don't get me wrong but it can affect your thoughts and your view of the world depending your mood.

Also the more pessimistic you are the more you will think negatively all the time. The brain tends get settled into the same pattern of thinking the more you do it. It's like a snow ball affect.

Well guess what? The same goes for optimism. The more positive you are the more the brain tends to naturally think positively.

And seriously, what good is thinking negatively about everything going to do?

Let's stop now and enjoy our lives.

Reframing your thoughts

What is reframing?

Well its looking at the same situation in different way (usually more positive).

Let's use some examples to show you what I mean:

  • Someone broke up with you.------------>You are free to find the right person for you.
  • You lost your job.------------>You are now free to get your dream career.
  • You failed an exam.-------------->You get a chance to study the material a bit more and really get the subject matter.

Reframing is a way at looking at the world that is productive. Being pessimistic cheats you of your energy and happiness. Trust me, since I realized that my brain can give me the same information but skewed I felt like I had get rid of my pessimism. And you can too.

If you tend to think the negative first then the positive, you are really holding yourself back. And who wants to be around a negative person like that.

Changing your outlook on life will change everything.

If you are like how I was, it will be a while until you start seeing everything rosy. But you can start now. Everyday try to actively change a negative thought into a positive one. And really believe what you say.

Slowly it will become easier and easier for you.
Seeing the world in a negative light can also affect your health. According to Hilary A. Tindle, MD, MPH, new research suggests that having a positive attitude just might protect against heart disease and help you live longer.

That's all the reason for me to stay positive, how about you?

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