Understanding How Self Esteem and Stress Management are Related

The relationship between self esteem and stress management is a close one. The way you handle your stress determines your self esteem health. So, if you handle stress poorly it can really damage your self esteem. Stress is known to affect your health. Anything that affects your health affects your self esteem.

Stress causes depression, hypertension, high blood pressure and general feeling like crap-itis.

Highly stressed people are reacting to external forces and not thinking about how to help themselves.

Focusing on external stressful things leaves less room for inner development. Inner development is crucial for a healthy self esteem. If you are stressed out at work the chances are that you are not really taking good care of yourself, mentally and physically.

The more you take care of yourself physically and mentally the more you reduce stress. Even if you have an insanely stressful job, if you take the small amount of time you have for yourself and focus on self improvement. This will help your stress your self esteem and stress management.

Here are some activities that can simultaneously take care of self esteem and stress management.

  1. Exercise - Adding more exercise to your life both helps you to look good and be more confident , but also you feel good too. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain. Which is the same chemical that is released during times of excitement, love and sex.
  2. Have A Drink - Having a glass of red wine before bed can really help you get a more sound night of sleep. Red wine is shown to have melatonin. Melatonin regulates the body clock which would help you get a good nights sleep. It also has anti-oxidants which helps with anti-aging. So have a one glass of red wine tonight and feel good.
  3. Learn a New Skill - Nothing boosts your self esteem while at the same time reduces your stress like learning a new skill. The act of learning a new skill takes your focus off your problems and puts it unto something constructive. Which reduces your stress and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. It can be anything, learn a new computer program, take an art class, learn to swim or take an adult continuing education coarse(make sure its a subject you like). Also make sure it is something that you can do for an extended period of time.
  4. Get A Massage - Massages are good for both the mind and the body. Massages are a form of pampering yourself or showing yourself some love. Giving yourself some love always boosts self esteem and at the same time reduces your stress. It can be from a professional or a significant other. If it is with a significant other, the time you spend together can be very intimate and can reduce your stress even more. Simply because you are spending time together. Who doesn't like a good massage.
  5. Have More Sex - Having Sex releases those endorphins, gives you cardio, its great for blood pressure and it reduces stress. The benefits for having more sex are too many to list. It is also great for your self esteem by providing that intimacy that we all need and enjoy.

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