Weight Management Can Be Easier Than You Think

What is weight management?

It is a long term part of a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle is key to your self esteem and body image. Managing your weight is a combination of eating healthy and physical fitness , to balance out your energy intake and energy burning. Developing healthier eating habits can help out a lot too.

Stay away from the Fad diets and the get skinny quick schemes. Weight management is a day by day process focusing on long term results and maintaining your ideal body weight for your age, sex and height. Those Fad diets are only good for temporary weight loss.

It's all about calories in and calories out. Everyone has a certain amount of calories that they can eat each day, to maintain their ideal weight.

Here is a quick table


WeightAge 18 to 35Age 36 to 55Age over 55
100 lbs - 45 kg1760 cals1570 cals1430 cals
110 lbs - 50 kg186016601500
121 lbs - 55 kg195017601550
132 lbs - 60 kg205018601600
143 lbs - 65 kg215019601630
154 lbs - 70 kg225020501660
165 lbs - 75 kg(and above)240021501720


WeightAge 18 to 35Age 36 to 55Age over 55
132 lbs - 60 kg2480 cals2300 cals1900 cals
143 lbs - 65 kg262024002000
154 lbs - 70 kg276024802100
165 lbs - 75 kg290025602200
176 lbs - 80 kg305026702300
187 lbs - 85 kg320027602300
198 lbs - 90 kg(and above)350030002600

Now lets take a look at modifications depending on your lifestyle

WeightInactive(Bed Ridden, Desk job)Moderate Activity(Golfing, gardening)Strenuous Activity(Physical Labor, rigorous sports
110 lbs - 50 kgSubtract 480Add 240Add 480
132 lbs - 60 kgSubract 570Add 290Add 570
154 lbs - 70 kgSubtract 670Add 340Add 670
176 lbs - 80 kgSubtract 760Add 380Add 760
198 lbs - 90 kg(and above)Subtract 960Add 380Add 860

Let's take a look at a few things that you can start doing today to reach your weight management goals.

  • Increase the proteins at breakfast. Eating proteins at breakfast helps you eat less later throughtout the day. Protein helps the body burn more calories than carbs and fats.
  • Use smaller plates. Using smaller plates greatly reduces the amount of food you eat, and leads to consuming less calories. The larger our plates the more your brain wants to eat. People typically consume 31% less calories when then cut their plate diameter in half.
  • Start eating more soup. When you have soup with or before a meal, it has actually been shown in studies that you absorb less calories with that meal.
  • Eat less calories. Just a small decrease in your daily caloric intake can lead to you losing and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Eat more vegetables. Just eat more vegetables, that is it. Try doing it with every meal.
  • Consume more fiber. Fiber helps to get the waste out of your body and helps your digestion process.
  • Proper weight management can be achieved over time and with patience.

    Ok now you know how to reach your weight management goals, lets take care of your physical fitness goals

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